September 1st - October 31st

We are collaborating with M'Porte for an induction cooking photo contest!

M’Porte is a Zero Waste Takeout program empowering restaurants and customers alike to come together to tackle the common goal of reducing single use plastic.

By participating in the EHCP Instagram Challenge, you can win a subscription to M'Porte for 3 months. You will receive all the benefits of being able to use reusable takeout at M'Porte-supported restaurants and be able to check-in/ check-out M'Porte containers.

3 winners will receive a 3-month subscription to M'Porte's zero-waste takeaway container program.

Winners will be announced at the end of the challenge and will be contacted to receive their subscription. 

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

How to Participate

  1. Use induction cooking through the EHC Program or your own at home.
  2. Tag and follow San Diego Green Building Council (@sdgreenbuildingcouncil) and M'Porte (@mporteco) in a photo or video of you cooking with your induction cooktop or the meal you made after cooking on the induction cooktop. Feel free to get creative- share us a favorite recipe or step-by-step video!
  3. Use the hashtags #InductionEHCP #MPORTE.
  4. Once you tag us and use the hashtag you will be entered into the drawing.
  5. Each winner will receive a 3-month subscription to M'Porte!


By participating in the Instagram Challenge you agree to allow SDGBC to share any posts entered into the contest, and to use content in future SDGBC promotional materials.