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Reserve your induction cooktop to try out at home. 

The Electric Home Cooktop Program is designed to support people who cook and are also renters or homeowners, contractors or designers. This program is available throughout San Diego County.

Loaner kits include one 9100 Duxtop portable induction cooktop, one compatible pan, a magnet and instruction sheet all tidy in a carry bag.

Induction Cooktops can be borrowed for free for up to three weeks!

Click the Reserve button to see locations and dates available for pick up.

Why Electric Cooktops?

It’s no surprise that the built environment – residential and commercial structures – contributes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Many people and cities in the region are seeing the benefits of more fully electrifying homes, and encouraging people to move away from natural gas-powered appliances. The benefits of home electrification are numerous, including:

  • Less expensive to build and operate homes 
  • Reduced external pollution
  • Eliminates Carbon Monoxide poisoning risk 
  • Improved Health: better indoor air w/o combustion byproducts (NOx) 
  • Better backup power/water in an emergency 
  • Improved lifestyle 

Rapid market transformation and installation of electric appliances are needed to combat climate change. The good news is that technology developments and price reductions have made it affordable to replace gas appliances with high performing electric ones.

Check out this program about inductive cookers!
Check out this program about inductive cookers!